Autumn 2019 – “A City upon a Hill”: the Dingle ‘Colony’ of converts and the disruption of traditional communities in 19th-century Ireland, Etudes Irlandaises 44-2, 2019, pp. 77-93:

Accepted, to be published:

Double blind peer-reviewed articles:

2021 : « De la charité religieuse au contrôle séculier de l’État. L’impact des sociétés philanthropiques protestantes en Irlande, 1818-1869 » in Histoire de l’Education, ENS Editions.

‘‘‘The Priests do their best to inflame the people’. Religious actors in Ireland, 1800-1845: instigators of violence or peace makers ?’’, Violence : An International Journal, Editions Maison des Sciences de l’Homme.

Chapters in edited volumes:

2022 – « De Dingle à Loochoo : agents et réseaux missionnaires protestants en Irlande dans leur rapport à l’empire (1815-1850) », in Hélène Vu Thanh (ed.) Empires connectés. Les missionnaires comme agents impériaux. Temos – CNRS.

Published in Phébé by Le Point (popularisation of science) :

5 March 2019 – « La spectaculaire ascension des ‘sans religions’ » in Phébé by Le Point. Review of Linda Woodhead’s article “The Rise of ‘no religion’ in Britain: the emergence of a new cultural majority,”Journal of the British Academy, 4, 245–61.

 11 March 2018 – « La Religion n’est plus l’opium du peuple », n°37, Phébé by Le Point. Review of Ingrid Storm’s article, “Does Economic Insecurity Predict Religiosity? Evidence from the European Social Survey 2002–2014,” Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review 2017, 78 :2 146–172.

Conference papers

15-17 April 2020 – “‘Teaching the poor of the Irish nation’: the endeavours of the Protestant ‘sons of Erin’ to educate their Catholic “Brethren” in the age of Catholic agitation, 1818-1869.” Protestant Political Thought online conference, Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies.

10-13 October 2018 – « Solidarités privées et solidarités publiques : De la charité religieuse au contrôle séculier de l’État. L’impact des sociétés philanthropiques protestantes en Irlande, 1818-1869 », International Conference ‘Penser et pratiquer la solidarité : France, Allemagne, Europe et le monde, XIXe et XXe siècles’ organised by the Comité Franco-Allemand des Historiens/Deutsch-französisches Historikerkomitee at the Université de Strasbourg, France.

21-23 June 2018 – “Reforming the poor, a charitable enterprise of colonization? Protestant missions in Ireland in the nineteenth century.” Britain And the World International conference at Exeter University, UK.

31 May 2018 –Study day of Religious Studies, Journée Scientifique des Sciences Religieuses (JSSR) of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, at the INHA, Paris, France

6 April 2018 – “‘A City upon a Hill’: Protestant missions in Ireland and the disruption of traditional communities in the mid-nineteenth century,” Northern Nineteen Century Network Symposium at the Université de Cergy, France.

10-11 November 2017 – “Irish Paupers and British Christians,” Newspapers and Periodicals History Forum of Ireland Conference at Newcastle University, UK.

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